Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SF News: Is SyFy Salvagable?

I know that I do a lot of complaining about SyFy and its awful programming, but I got into a debate the other day and found myself defending the channel.  That's right, ever the optimist, I was trying to explain how SyFy is not all bad.  While you are busy choking down your laughter, let's take a look at the pro's and con's of SyFy:

Good shows like Caprica, Eureka, Haven, Merlin, Sanctuary, Stargate Universe, and Warehouse 13
Rerun blocks of good shows like Invasion, Jeremiah, Jericho, Star Trek: TNG, Threshold, and the Twilight Zone.
Cool Miniseries and Programming like Alice, Riverworld, and more

Poor promotion of products outside of the SyFy Channel.
WWE NXT?  Really?
SharktopusMega Pirannah?  SyFy Original Movies... 'nuff said.
Destination Truth, Estate of Panic, Ghost Hunters (and its multitudinous spin-offs), Mary Knows Best, Outer Space Astronauts, and Scare Tactics.

OK, so the picture is not so rosy, but the fact is that SyFy is walking a tightrope between Dreck and Drama!  The problem with this statement: so is every single other channel on TV (with the possible exceptions of USA and TNT).  Not every channel is being held to such scrutiny as SyFy is, mainly because SF fans tend to be very demanding and easily upset by things that they feel are 'talking down' to them.

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