Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Enterprise Enterprise

OK, so I admit it, I have been watching re-runs of Enterprise on SciFi on Mondays. Mostly, they are just the sort of drekh I remember, but over the past couple of weeks they finally got into the last season, and suddenly the show became good! My main question is 'Why wasn't it like this from the beginning?!'

This past Monday I watched the two-part episode 'In a Mirror Darkly', and man was it good. Since the episode took place entirely in the infamous Mirror Universe, they changed the opening titles to ones about the Empire instead of the Federation, and the music was dark and moody (and instrumental, not some goofy pseudo-pop song). The story hearkened back to the good old days of classic Trek, featuring the Tholians and the Defiant (which apparently was sucked into the past in the Mirror universe by the Tholians during an experiment). It was great to see the actors stretching themselves out of the charicatures that they had previously been playing, and the writing was fantastic.

I also recently saw episodes on the original Babel peace mission (which the Romulans tried to quash), how the Klingons lost their lumpy foreheads was pretty interesting, and there was a great episode about the Orion crime syndicate. This stuff is fantastic! I found myself actually interested in the show. Then, of course, I grew a bit despondant as I realized that Enterprise is pretty much universally reviled as the worst thing to happen to Trek ever. Oh, well, buy the DVD set of the last season and pretend it was a limited series, that's what I plan to do!

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