Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Summer Season Spectacular

This summer has truly been a fantastic one for Science Fiction, and it only promises to get better. With blockbusters like Spider-man III, Pirates of the Caribbean, Fantastic Four, Transformers, Harry Potter, Shrek, and more already under our belts, what more have we to look forward to?

Well Stardust looks gorgeous, and with that all-star cast it should be a feast for movie-goers of all ages. Adapted from a fantastic Niel Gaiman book, this promises to be worth the wait.

Sunlight is being billed as the next 2001. The visuals look amazing and many of the team that worked on blockbusters like Independence Day and 2001 are working on this. This should also be a good summer blockbuster.

The Simpsons Movie promises to be a fun romp in Springfield, and many of our favorites will do battle to save the Earth. We are counting on Homer J. Simpson to save life as we know it... d'oh!

On a more serious note, there are more things coming out than I can keep track of, which is why I will be going to Films to Come at 8pm at the Borders in Ramsey. Feel free to drop in and let Barry Weinberger fill you in on everything about the summer movie schedule!

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Jason h said...

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