Monday, July 30, 2007

Th1rte3n by Richard K. Morgan

OK, so I just finished reading what is probably among the best mystery/Science Fiction novels of the last five years. Richard K. Morgan brought us brilliant stories with the Takeshi Kovacs series (Altered Carbon, Broken Angels, Woken Furies) as well as a gruesome and uncompromising look at the future of business in Market Forces. Now, Morgan explores a near future with a divided USA, and genetic 'variant' humans, where man is still the most dangerous creature of all.

Meet Carl Marsalis, bounty hunter for the United Nations Genetic Legislation Authority (UNGLA), a ruthless killer and uncompromising warrior made so by a combination of brutal creche upbringing and genetic variant 13 hardwiring. Marsalis is brought in to a strange case where a variant 13 from the Mars penal colony has hijacked a starship, crashed it into the Pacific and gone on a killing spree. The novel that follows these events is gripping and highly emotionally charged.

I definitely recommend you read this book!

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