Monday, September 10, 2007

TV Spirit Guide show me the path away from boredom

Recently I was reading the Fall TV Previews in my TV Guide (yes, I do read the articles) and I was struck by what seems to be a season of blatant rip-offs. Not even very well concealed ones, I might add.

Bionic Woman: Well, not a rip-off per se, but a remake, and darn tedious at that. Assuming this lasts more than half a season, they are already in trouble with people leaving due to 'creative differences'. This one seems doomed to the dustbin in spite of David Eick's participation.

Chuck: Wow, I remember when this show was called Jake 2.0 and stole Christopher Gorham from the far superior Showtime program Odyssey 6. This is the story of a Herd Herd (can't say Geek Squad) employee who gets secret high-tech upgrades to his brain by... OK, I'm bored already. How many times can we redo this concept?

Journeyman: OK, I like this one, even though it is basically just a TV adaptation of the film The Butterfly Effect. As much as I hate to admit it I love time travel as a plot device. Worked for Quantum Leap and The Time Tunnel (both of which seem to have contributed ideas to Journeyman), so why not try from the same well. I will be watching this one.

Moonlight: Come on, you guys aren't even trying! This is a blatant copy of Forever Knight with elements of Angel thrown on top in the vain hope of covering their tracks. Give me a break! Why not just do a remake of Forever Knight and get it over with? Oh, yeah, because the cast is STILL ALIVE!

Pushing Daisies: Well this certainly seems new and original... Oh, wait, no, it's Tru Calling only without the flouncy & floppy running scenes. Considering Tru Calling's fan base was likely paying less attention to the story than they were to Eliza Dushku's cleavage, this will probably seem fresh and new to most. There seem to be elements of Ghost Whisperer and Medium thrown in as well. Since I did not especially like Tru Calling I am kind of looking forward to how this looks on screen, so I am looking forward to seeing this with some reservations.

Reaper: Does anybody else remember Brimstone? If so, then you have likely already seen this show. Updated effects are no replacement for John Glover as the Devil. Looks tepid at best, but might be fun (personally I doubt it).

So that is the new SF line up for Fall. Thank the gods for Heroes and a few returning gems.

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