Friday, April 30, 2010

TV & Movies: Abandon All Hope for SyFy Saturday

I have a friend, let's call her... I don't know... Marianne, you know, like on Gilligan's Island, and I think that she needs an intervention.  Why?  Well, week after week she tunes into the SyFy Channel's SyFy Saturday feature, hoping for the best, and gets disappointed.  The question really is WHY?

I know what you are thinking: Why is she disappointed?  The commercials are awful, with bad acting, effects, and direction oozing out of the screen like viscous ichor from the wounds of any number of cheesy monsters on the SyFy Original Movie list, but still she perseveres.  "One of these days the film won't suck, and with my luck it will be the day I am not watching," she laments loudly.  The problem is, I know better.

Thankfully, I have turned that negative energy to good purpose!  Having determined that there is really no way of stopping the redoubtable Marianne from watching this dreck, I have convinced her to write reviews of these cruddy schlock-fests.  These funny and popular articles will, hopefully, shame the executives at SyFy into making better movies... OK, so who is deluded now: Mongolian Death Worm is this month's movie... Yikes!

Still, I have faith that quality will improve with movies like Stonehenge Apocalypse and a few others coming down the pipe.  The gods know it cannot possibly get worse:)

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