Friday, April 16, 2010

TV & Movies: To V or Not To V

So I got into an argument the other day over the merits of the TV series V.  My opponent, who apparently has no patience for things, complained bitterly that he wished something would, you know, actually happen on the show.  I tried to explain that the show was suffering from what is commonly referred to as Shaun Cassidy-itis, sometimes called Shaun Cassidy Disease or Syndrome.  But what does that mean?

Shaun Cassidy, who has been responsible for such amazing series as Roar, The Agency, and American Gothic, has long been known as the slowest series developer of all time.  In fact, usually the first half of the first season is all character development and setting the tone, with little or no action or movement on the overall story.  Mr. Cassidy is great at the slow reveal, and those with patience are rewarded.

While the infamous Mr. Cassidy has absolutely nothing to do with V it does appear that the staff developing the show have taken a page from his playbook.  While I am enjoying this languid approach to the coming action, we have yet to reach the Cassidy-esque tipping point where the story goes from background for character development and tension to foreground of the show.  As I stated during the argument, though, knowing the mechanics of this type of show, I suspect that the tipping point will be reached next episode.  The real question is: Is it too late to save the show?

We saw a lot of early marketing and a lot of folks tuning out due to the slow pacing and lack of any real story advancement.  By this point, V has become almost an afterthought for most viewers, assuming that they still care enough to think of it at all.  Can the show survive?  Sadly, I suspect that V and Flash Forward are destined for the dustbin.