Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SF News: Hubble at the Liberty Science Center

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Prepare yourself for a journey through time and space, complete  with the most stunning visuals your are likely to see this side of planet Earth.  No, I am not talking about the next Star Trek movie, I am talking about the IMAX Hubble experience.  I was honored to be invited to a press event at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ on Saturday for a screening of this magnificent film and a tour of the renovated facilities.

First thing we noticed when we arrived at the Liberty Science Center was the amazing new IMAX Dome.  For those of us who were not aware, this 88 foot diameter IMAX Dome is currently the largest in the nation, and as impressive as it is from the outside, that is nothing compared to the view from the inside.  On arrival, we quickly made our way up to the theatre on the second level, and took seats near a structure referred to as 'The Doghouse'.  These were, it was explained to us, the best seats in the house, a statement which I can hardly argue with.  Eventually, the lights dimmed and the presentation began.
  Hubble is a visual feast which combines gorgeous pictures taken from the Hubble Deep Space Telescope with footage shot by the astronauts of the last Hubble repair mission from May 2009.  
Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, this is a visual event that really beggars the imagination.  There were many great visuals, however the sequence that most stuck in my mind was a journey through space and time to the Orion Nebula that has to be seen to be believed.

My recommendation: Contact the
Liberty Science Center and go see this as soon as possible!

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