Monday, March 15, 2010

Week at a Glance: March 15 to March 22

For those who are unaware, the NJ/NY area was pummeled by a major storm over the weekend. This did not keep many of us from braving the elements to chat with Jackie Kessler over at Raider Books in Suffern, but the aftermath has left us all with a variety of problems. Part of the area here is without power, meaning that my brother and sister-in-law are crashing on my bed for the duration of the emergency, and updates to the website will likely be... delayed for a bit. On a more positive note, since I have both power and internet access, blog posts will still go off as scheduled.

Now for the week at a glance:

In SFSNNJ Club News:

Our regularly scheduled Films to Come event will be going on as planned at 7p on Wednesday 3/17 in the newly set up Events area in Borders Ramsey. Special thanks to new General Manager Alicia Clouder, Josephine Brown, and all the rest of the fantastic staff at Borders Ramsey for setting up that great area! We appreciate all that you and the staff do for us!

Saturday 3/20 is the regular day for BJ Pehush's Call of Cthulu game, however with Lunacon and several other events set to go off this weekend, the game may be delayed. Look for further discussion on this at our Forum (the link is in the margin).

In the Movies:

Alice in Wonderland remains at the top of the heap in the box office, however there are a few great genre films coming to theatres everywhere this Friday. Look for Repo Men, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and IMAX: Hubble 3D at your local venues.

On DVD & Blu-Ray:

Blockbuster hits The Princess and the Frog and Twilight: New Moon makes their way to small screens everywhere this week, as do Astroboy, The Fourth Kind and Ninja Assassin. Popular TV series Breaking Bad's second season also makes its way to DVD & Blu-Ray this week.

For Video Games:

This week is a big one for PS3 owners as God of War III hits the shelves. Nintendo DS owners can look for the new Pokemon: HeartGold and Combat of Giants: Mutant Insects titles to emerge onto the scene. PC Gamers can let out the breath that they have been holding as Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising finally arrives, along with the anticipated Metro 2033 and Wings of Prey.

For TV:

Not much in the way of new shows at the moment, but look for new episodes of Chuck and Spartacus: Blood & Sand as well as a second start for V, as they re-air the series premier. Hopefully it will do better this time!

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