Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Battle Among the Stars

Since the last of the Star Wars prequels came out, people have been wondering "What's Next?" OK, to be fair, only the people actively emplyed by THX and LucasFilms have really been asking that question, since most of the rest of us have become somewhat disenchanted with the franchise. Still, it is a question that must be asked.

George Lucas continues spouting about all of these 'bold, visionary, exciting' projects that he has in the works. Animated series, live action dramas, and more are allegedly on the horizon for Star Wars to come to the small screen. What I am wondering is why these projects do not seem to be getting much traction in the TV community? Obviously these films made money, and are recognizable even by non-fans (you must be hiding under a pretty big rock if you have not heard of Star Wars), so why is it taking so long for a TV project to be green-lighted?

One reason may be that TV studios need only hear Lucas' self-congratulatory commentary from the DVDs of his films to know that it would be obvious that 2 directors chairs would be needed (one for Lucas and a second for his ego). The problem with that, is that Lucas high opinion of his abilities is not unfounded! Lucas is a canny and intelligent man, and his films definitely have an impact. People complain about Star Wars Episode I all the time, however what they fail to notice is that Lucas has made a film that is notworthy and excites discussion and criticism. Complain all you like, but remember to ask yourself: could you have done any better? For myself, I would like to think that if I had all of Lucas' resources, I could make a far superior film. Of course, many people might find my movie a bit dull and plodding. Everyone is a critic, and that means that we all get to say how we would "make it better".

While I think that the idea of a Star Wars TV program is a laudable one, I have to say that I will not hold my breath waiting for one. First, the budget would have to be really big for the effects on a live action project. Second, an animated project would need more of a community involvement than Lucas seems to embrace. Third, the timetable for completion of episodes is a hurdle that Lucas may not be comfortable with. Fourth, Indiana Jones 4?

What say you?

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