Monday, May 28, 2007


So, I have decided to create a new form of exercise for SF fans. I call it Weber-cizing. Please allow me to explain.

I have been on a David Weber reading glut of late, and I had not noticed until a fellow SFSNNJ member pointed out that those books are heavy. At first I thought she meant that they contained many unique thought provoking ideas (which they do), but in actuality, she meant that the book weighed a whole lot (which it manifestly does). I, in turn, thought about the fact that I did not seem to notice the weight of the massive tome, and so I decided that I must be getting some heck of a lot of exercise from reading this book. When I got home, I looked at my bookshelves, and lo there were many really large books. Thus developed Weber-cizing (I tried using the Robert Jordan books first but trying to dead-lift them all proved well-nigh impossible).

On a more serious note: David Weber has been off his game for a while with the Honor Harington series, but I have to admit that At All Costs was fantastic. After War of Honor I was really dreading this book, but it was fantastic. I had high hopes after reading Off Armageddon Reef and am pleased to announce that the Weber we all know and love is back with a vengeance. Great characters and situations that explode with emotion show that Weber can keep the story going and the readers are certainly interested in following where it leads.

In other news, check out for their SciFi essentials books at There are some real gems in there.

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