Sunday, May 6, 2007

What's going on this week?

Actually, I want to start this post off with a bit of an apology, as I misphrased something in my first post: I am one of the leaders of the SFS, not the sole grand honcho of supreme ultimateness. I should point out all of the other people who work so hard to make things run and allow our members to have fun. Our General Moderators are Ann Marie Brown, Josephine Brown, Chris Hasselkus, Steve Spinosa, Bill Wagner, Aurelia Long, Brian O'Dell, Abdul Manikram, Barry Weinberger, Craig Hatler, and Chuck Garofalo, and every single one of these wonderful people works very hard to make me look good (which is a monumental task in and of itself).

So, on to the meat of the post:

Well, as some of you know, I will be talking alot about the cool events and programs that are sponsored by the SFSNNJ. This week our comic book discussion group, Drawing a Crowd, will be having a special event viewing of Spiderman III at the Clifton Commons at 7PM. Afterwards we will retire to Applebees for food and discussion of the film as well as the evolution of NY's favorite wall crawler.

But wait, there's more!

Not only do you get one really cool comic book related event this week, but you get 2!!! This upcoming Saturday, Face the Fiction (our exciting interactive guest speaker event) will meet at the Bergen Museum of Arts and Science to host Ken Gale, the radio host of 'Nuff Said! If you like Comics (and we know you do), then you need to get yourself down there. Directions and information are (as always) available on the SFSNNJ main web site (the URL is, how's that for clever, eh?)

See y'all soon!


Anonymous said...

You can't be headhoncho - I am! lol..Something people should know about the group is that beyond the fun meetings that range from book groups to movie groups to discussion groups on many nights of the week and one weekend (at varying start times), special activities, and members (100 and growing - there is sure to be someone to mesh with)- there is the allure of FREE. no membership fees, no meeting fees - just come out and have a good time.

Anonymous said...

You left out one of the most important aspects of the group - beyond the fun meetings, special activities, great people (and there are lots of us - 100 and growing, so you're sure to find someone to mesh with) - there are no membership fees, meeting fees, nothing. A good time for free. That, and, I'm the head honcho!!lol...

Todd said...

Too true, oh Queen of the Realm:)

Brat said...

just a warning to everyone: Do NOT cross the Queen of the Realm! if you do, be prepared to suffer the just learn how to say, "yes ma'am" and you'll be fine!

spinner v.07 said...

First of all last night's meeting
with guest speaker Ken Gale was great fun and I enjoyed hearing
his presentation. I'm surprised
that no cable network has picked
up his documentary short. Certainly
Cablevision Local Access of Oakland
would give it a shot,if he had a
regular crew and were willing to
tape a 30 or 60 minute show in Fairlawn. I should know,because I
worked for a guy named Mike Koontz
who produced a show called "No Limits" in Fairlawn for Cablevision
of Oakland about 9 years ago(I was the Director). About eight or nine
of us took the 3-month class to learn how to do a basic show(you need 3 camerapersons,a floor manager,a graphics person,a music guy,a board operator,& a director),
then we started producing shows. I
ended up directing 16 episodes before I "retired" from the production due to conflicts with my
boss(One of the things I wanted to
do was host an episode on the SFABC
and interview Phil[that was back before he really went]but
my boss went back on his word and wouldn't let me do it). Just something to think about...

Lord Wahur said...

Greetings all. I just wanted to figure out how to post! Excelsior! Nuff Said!