Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm Holding Out For a Hero!

As most, if not all, of you have guessed, I am a huge fan of the NBC TV series Heroes. Great writing, superb acting, excellent direction, and magnificent production values have combined like a perfect storm of television to create one of the best shows on network TV. Gripping and fraught with emotion, one cannot help but be moved to tears by the drama of this show.

Like any great, well thought out show, Heroes asked alot of questions, and has still not answered many of them. We have been shocked, surprised, and awed throughout the season, and more than a few tears have been shed during the taut moments of desperate internal and external struggle around and amongst the characters of this epic story. We watched Claire Bennett mature from a vapid cheerleader to a responsible and courageous adult. We have watched the metamorphosis of Noah Bennett from heavy to hero. We have seen Hiro and Ando progress from adolescent fancy to serious saviors. We have seen the fall and redemption of Nathan Petrelli and Matthew Parkman, as well as the revelation of numerous others. Most importantly we have watched as Niki took control of her life to save DL and Micah without the aid of her alter-ego Jessica. This has been 23 episodes of amazing story and rich character developement all around.

Perhaps the most telling characters in this show about super-powered men and women are the very ordinary people who surround them and help them. The story would be pale and dull without Noah Bennett, Ando, Mohinder, and Mr. Nakamura working to help shepherd in what can only be thought of as an age of the hero. It is important that these seemingly ordinary, everyday people are sometimes more impactful than the super-heroes around them. The moral of the story is, I suppose, that even the regular guys can make a difference.

Well, enough of my gushing about my favorite show, I will close by quoting Molly Walker and say only, "You are my hero!"

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